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Babies don’t stay babies for long, do they? What better way to preserve the memory of their tiny little hands and sweet little feet? Itty Bitty Prints will help you capture a moment in time in a personalized, ceramic keepsake that you and your baby will treasure for a lifetime. Each handcrafted piece is as unique as your child and made to your specific order.   Itty Bitty Prints knows how much your baby’s impressions will mean to you in a few years. When our daughter Carlee Claire was born, we had her hand and foot imprinted when she was just 3 days old. Her tiny little pink prints sit on my desk today. When I see that precious little handprint and footprint, I can’t help but smile as I go back to that sweet time for just a moment. Let Itty Bitty Prints create a unique memento that you will cherish long after your little one isn’t little anymore.
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Decorative border for Itty BItty Prints Handprint Keepsakes